The Isle of Man is renowned for its rich motorsport culture.

The most notable event, the Isle of Man TT, is a globally recognized motorcycle road race, known for its insane speed and risk, held annually on the island’s closed public roads.

Meanwhile, the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT Races offer opportunities for amateurs and celebrates the sport’s heritage.

Besides these, the Southern 100 road race, also known as the “friendly races,” is another motorcycle racing event held on the Billown Course, offering a more compact racing experience.

The island’s varied terrain is ideal for the 2 Day Trial, a competitive event for trials bikes, testing the riders’ skills over rugged landscapes.

Lastly, the Manx Rally offers a taste of four-wheeled action, attracting rally drivers to compete on the island’s twisting lanes and challenging surfaces.

Together, these events cement the Isle of Man’s status as a key hub in global motorsport.

Coupled with this, remember unlike the UK our derestricted roads are really derestricted as we don’t have a national speed limit. If you love cars, bikes or anything with an engine then you will love the Isle of Man.

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