The Island has 2 private schools - Buchan School (2-11) and King Williams College (11-18)

They are pretty good. You can find information about both of them here.

Rather than ‘A’ levels KWC students follow the International Baccalaureate (‘IB’) programme.

Buchan and KWC are both in the South of the Island – near the airport.

The Island’s state schools are run by the Department for Education, Sport and Culture and are divided into primary and secondary – as they are in the UK. We have 32 Primary Schools spread across the Island and five secondary schools located across the main population areas.

Generally the standard of education here on the Island has proved to be good – probably better than the UK. Our state schools on the Island follow GCSE’s and A Levels pathway with many students going on to university in the UK.

The Isle of Man Government has published information for people relocating to the Island here.

We also have USM – University College Isle of Man – which provides a range of higher education options without the need to leave the island.

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