VAT and Customs


While the Isle of Man makes its own laws and operates its own income tax system, we are effectively part of the UK for VAT and Customs purposes.

This means there are no restrictions on import or export of items to the UK which makes life easy if you run a business with customers or suppliers in the UK or if you want to go on a personal shopping spree in London or Liverpool !

From a VAT perspective, although we enjoy a common vat area with the UK (Common Purse Agreement), our VAT is administered locally by our Customs & Excise division. This means that registrations are processed locally, and VAT is paid locally.

The registration limit for Companies is the same as the UK at £85,000. You can contact the Isle of Man VAT office by telephone on +44 1624 648100, email them at and learn more about VAT in the Isle of Man here.

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